Dr Amol

Dr. Amol’s Pet Clinic

About the Brand

Objective :

The brand requirement- Complete Management and Creation of their Digital Presence for better Brand Awareness and Engagement.

Target Audience :


Geography :

Mumbai and Major focus on Andheri and locations around.


Brand Positioning, Branding, Designing


After mutual agreement with the doctor we chose to have an informative tone of content along with some tips and tricks that would help the pet owners or as they call them now “Pawrents” with their daily dealings with their furkids. Some major operations that were carried out by our doctor were highlighted on his social media along with the aftermath and how the animal was in a better condition post the surgery or treatment.


Started off with in-depth competitor analysis as we had a targeted location that our client was willing to cater to, some onfield work included the recce of the area around the clinic, understanding the section of people the doctor wanted as his clientele, and getting him on the internet with a proper plan that would bring him estimated ROI.


We shared our strategy with Dr. Amol and started working on sorting and executing the relevant content in the most efficient way that would optimize his social presence and was also easy to understand for viewers. Campaign execution (creatives)-As per the color theme, we went ahead and create an eye-pleasing mosaic in terms of social media appearance. Testimonials from celebrities were uploaded and promoted for whom doctor Amol had been working. Google My Business optimization and ranking were done in a way that when targetted keywords were searched his profile use to be on the top. As per Dr.Amol’s requirement, we also created an informative website that had complete profile information of his work education and experience in dealing with different kinds of animals and cases that shaped his career as a vet.


We succeeded in creating a decent online presence for our client just the way he wanted to increase the transparency for his online audience.