Bigwall Interiors Pvt Ltd

About the Brand

Objective :

The brand requirement- Creation of Digital Presence for better Brand Awareness and Engagement and Lead Generation.

Target Audience :


Geography :

Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Thane, etc


Brand Positioning, Portraying a 30-year-old brand that has an immense hold in the traditional market


We decided that according to the niche of the brand and the customers we wanted to target more pictorial and video content would bring us the profits that we were aiming. Trust is a very crucial factor when your product is a service and is going to stay with your end customer for the rest of his life, we focused on creating an online experience for the viewers that would bridge the gap between the screen and the actual site.


We first categorized their services into subcategories for specific targeting and generating authentic and high conversion leads that were willing to avail their services. We were working on a very big-ticket size and the content created and ad placement had to complement each other in order for our ads to perform and get maximum benefit.


Photography, and videography of completed sites and sites under construction. For before and after look that would help the audience have an idea of how the work was carried out. Client Diaries and testimonials were presented to achieve loyalty and trust from the website visitors. Campaign execution (creatives)-We deduced that we wanted to present stories of HOMES and not flats, bungalows, or apartments. Interiors of your home reflect your style and our content was personalized in a way for audiences to trigger that emotion of their personality that would give them an experience of a lifetime. A home is your safe place, where you come back to after a long tiring day, home is where you can be yourself without any fear. For Big Wall Interiors it was all about finding what emotion was the brand all about and it was an amazing experience to have the liberty to add emotions to the brand. Results-We succeeded in creating a online presence for Big Wall Interiors by creating an elegant website, an optimized google business account, social media accounts as our portfolio where we showcased their work.


We succeeded in creating a decent online presence for our client just the way he wanted to increase the transparency for his online audience.