Amfah India


About the Brand

AMFAH India is an air expert company offering indoor air treatment products and solutions like Dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers, Portable AC, and HUMICOVID Controllers.

Objective :

The brand requirement-SEO, Google Ads

Target Audience :

B2B and B2C.

Geography :

Pan India


The main challenge we figured for Amfah was the lack of knowledge about the product in common masses.Given the times that we are in we figured it was an opportunity for us as well as for the brand to educate people about the products it was offering. The main aim of the brand was to have a website that would eductae and also impress its potential customers we took over the task and started off by resolving technical glitches that existed and affeced the overall performance of the website. After a detailed study that was spread across almost two weeks to know the brand in depth and its products , its uses, it's competitors and the focus keywords, we began with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on page and off page both. Simultaneously we started off with ad campaigns on Google Ads with the aim of lead generation and succeeded at extracting quality leads for the our brand.


We started off with competitor analysis, organizing the data, solving errors. Blog writing, Article and directories submissions etc.


Our approach was very clear we wanted to make the website smooth, increase domain traffic, rank on related keywords, and get high conversion leads.


We shared our strategy with the Amfah team, incorporated their insights, and started with making the website smooth, user-friendly, and bug-free Campaign execution (creatives)-Started off with very detailed keyword research. Aggressive SEO approach for creating backlinks. Updated the website constantly with related keywords. Added blogs according to high-performing keywords. PPC Ads were made after in-depth research and smart budgeting.


Our website started ranking on particular keywords, our google ads started performing well we managed to give the highest conversion leads throughout the campaign. What is better than returns on your Investments and we always focus on ROIs if not in terms of adding business then creating VALUE for your brand.